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FAQ  > Hosting > I would like to forward the domain name I’ve just acquired to my web space with my Internet provider. Is is possible?

This is possible if you’ve taken a Mail plan with us.
You just have to specify towards which url you want your domain name forwarded to. To this end, send an email to tech@ebusiness.be, specifying the domain name, the url to which it has to be forwarded. If instead of a simple forwarding, you prefer us to mask the real url via a Frame, you can also send us the page title, the keywords and the relevant description.
The technique using the Frame allows your url to be registered in the search engines with your domain name. This increases your visibility on the Internet.
Forwarding example: : http://www.hebergeur.be/ is forwarded to part of the http://www.ebusiness.be/ website.
Frame example : http://www.sauveniere.be/ is a frame to a website hosted with a provider, but the address of the provider doesn’t appear in the url bar.