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Here is the procedure to follow to transfer a hosting to eBusiness.be :

  1. First order the hosting / domain name at the following url http://www.ebusiness.be/cmd_dns_eta....
  2. Seize the relevant domain name and choose the correct extension (.com, .net, ...).
  3. The system will then answer that the domain name is already registered; check in detail (at the bottom of the page) to see that it’s your domain name (or your client’s domain name) and that the owner (you or your client) will accept the transfer to us.
  4. Select the appropriate hosting scheme with the appropriate size.
  5. Fill in the form with the personal details of your client specifying in the ‘comments’ field if the transfer has to be done immediately or if we have to wait your say so.
  6. On reception of your order, we will validate it.
  7. Once the order validated, we will create the temporary environment (web, frp, database, mails,...) with which you can test the transfer of the website.
  8. We will then send you the temporary environment parameters.
  9. On reception of the parameters, upload the contents of the website to test its functioning on our servers.
  10. At that point, there is 2 websites : the old one on the current server, and the new one on one of our servers. The website visible by the internauts is the one located at the old host. Only you have access to the new version on our servers, so that you can test the new website.
  11. After a test period of the website on our servers, and if everything seems to be working correctly on your side, let us know by sending an email to the technical team, we will then start the real transfer procedure.
  12. At the time of the real transfer, the domain owner (you or your client) has to confirm by email (or by fax) your transfer agreement from the current host to the new one (us).
  13. Once confirmed by the owner, we take care of the rest.
  14. At the end of the transfer, there is only one official website left, the one on our servers.

For any further questions : http://support.ebusiness.be/